Firefighters come to a halt when they see mom filling her kids’ pool using a pot

Every parent wishes their child a happy birthday.

However, as is common knowledge, some issues can occur even on the most memorable days.
A mother in Charlotte, North Carolina, purchased a kiddie pool for her young son’s birthday to make it a memorable occasion. Before filling the kiddie pool, the mother first set it up in their yard.

She would enter, fill a pot, and afterward leave, purging it into the pool. It would require a ton of investment and pots to finish. In the background, her kids were waiting and watching. They were unsure if they would be able to swim that day.

The mother was trying desperately to fill the pool. Luckily, a fire engine passed by at that moment.
After observing what the woman was attempting, the firefighters experienced terrible emotions. On such a hot day, they knew it would take her a long time to fill the pool that way, and they could tell the kids were getting impatient. They decided to help.

They used the hose from the truck to fill the small pool.
She felt both thankfulness and relief at the same time. She would no longer have to worry about whether her son’s birthday party would go as planned or add more water to the pots.

Charlotte Fire Station 18 made a post about the incident.
The firefighters were a source of great pride for the government. This was the message:

“Firehouse 18 is a local fire station run by men and women who truly care about the families they have taken an oath to protect. Engine 18 found a family frantically pouring pots from the sink into a kiddie pool for a young boy’s birthday today after leaving a medical call.”

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