The world’s first woman who carried and gave birth to 8 children! See what these 8 children look now!

One of the American television shows made Natalie Suleman its heroine.

The woman became the first person in history to be able to carry eight twins and give birth to them.

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After the birth of the youngsters, the lady turned to different corrective strategies and even body plastic medical procedures to keep up with her magnificence.

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She now, on the other hand, works to stay in good shape and plays sports frequently.

Natalie raises her children by herself and devotes all of her time to them. The woman admits that she wants her children to have more human qualities.

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The woman admits that she lived erroneously and Natalie is ashamed to recall her youth. She cannot, however, allow the children to suffer the same fate as her.

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The woman, who is currently 44 years old, has an Instagram page where she discusses her family, but nothing is known about her employment or income.

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