A 10-year-old cowboy’s dream is shattered when his hero pays him a surprise visit.

Two young boys in Las Vegas shared their aspiration to become professional bull riders as part of a school project. After learning about it, FOX5 sent the FOX5 Surprise Squad to the boys’ homes to help them realize their dreams.

When they were young, Jay Kellogg and his sister Jet wanted to be skilled bull riders. They could only get a rush of adrenaline even if they didn’t participate in sports. Because their father was an experienced bull rider, these children enjoy riding bulls.

In a book message that he wrote, young Jayce said that he wanted to be a bull rider like his father. With joy and pride, the child wore his father’s Texas hat. Two young PBR fans were taken aback when PBR collaborated with Fox5 News.

After learning about Jesse and Jet, the FOX5 Surprise Squad decided that they needed to do something special and wonderful for the young men. As a result, he unexpectedly showed up at their house for an interview that was both pleasant and shocking.

Three famous bulls were brought to their driveway by the FOX5 Surprise Squad and the PBR group. The kids were shocked to their core. They woke the bulls up when they realized that someone had escaped from the truck.

The young people immediately recognized the man as the famous bull rider J. B. Mountain as he approached. Moon was praised as highly as their father by the children, who explained why they enjoyed the games.

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