The story of a boy who helped his dad to warm his newborn twin siblings: the lovely photo went viral

Scandinavian maternity centers started using a new way to breastfeed babies.

In medicine, this technique is referred to as “skin-to-skin.”

Amazing' photo of boy cuddling premature sibling sparks interest in skin to  skin practice | The Independent | The Independent

It appeared that the method was the best option. This picture went viral on the Internet shortly after the solution was widely used.

In the image, a young boy warmed one of his newborn siblings, while his father warmed the other one.

Why Skin-to-Skin? - Breastfeeding Support

It’s an extremely efficient procedure for the newborn: The baby experiences happiness and calm as a result.

Additionally, “skin-to-skin” therapy aids premature infants in reducing postpartum stress and expediting recovery.

The Magic of Skin-to-Skin on Breastfeeding – Motherlove Herbal Company

The survival rate of premature infants weighing 1 to 1.5 kilograms has recently increased from 30% to 70% as a result of this wonderful method.

Additionally, the young boy desired to initiate action to assist his twin siblings.

Big Brother Helps Dad With Skin-to-Skin Time for Tiny Twins |

So, both his parents and the staff at the hospital agreed to let him in.

They believed that developing a child’s empathy for others from an early age was crucial.

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