The girl who was bullied and mocked as a child grew up and became a highly paid model

Perhaps the most wonderful and joyful time in a person’s life is childhood, which makes growing up so fraught with feelings of nostalgia.

Unfortunately, however, not everyone’s experience was flawless. There are kids whose childhoods were filled with anxieties, worries, and depression that have a lasting impact on their souls.

The children who want to forget their childhood are referred to by the protagonist of today’s article.

The girl was born with an odd face that looked like it had been flattened.

Ilka Brul endured constant suffering, ridicule, and humiliation throughout her school years.

She doesn’t have any girlfriends or friends, but she has a lot of self-doubt and complexes. The girl underwent plastic surgery over time, but it did not significantly alter her appearance.

The innate facial imperfection that she had was hard to fix.

She agreed to pose one day when a photographer friend suggested it, not anticipating the outcome.

And as a result, the girl enjoyed a lot of popularity on the Internet, and many people were pleased with her appearance.

Ilka received several offers to work with advertising agencies because they were also interested in an unusual girl.

Thus, the “ugly duckling” became a well-liked model as a result of a lucky accident.

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