Mark Wahlberg Refuses To Deny His Christian Faith Even Though It’s ‘Not Popular’ In Hollywood.

Whether he speaks out about his Catholic faith or wears an ash cross on the first day of Lent, Mark Wahlberg does not hide his relationship with God.

On Ash Wednesday, February 22, the “Father Stu” actor demonstrated this at TODAY.

The 51-year-old said that he finds balance in talking about religion with Savannah Guthrie, his co-anchor. He doesn’t want to force it on anyone, but he doesn’t deny his convictions. It’s a sin that’s even worse. He cannot deny his beliefs, even though it is not widely accepted in his field. He needs to let others know about this. However, he must respect and honor his friends, who come from a variety of backgrounds and faiths.

In an earlier interview in April 2022, Wahlberg emphasized that he maintains the same “share but don’t push” mentality when it comes to his four children with his wife Rhea Durham.

Wahlberg elaborated on what makes him successful as a paid ambassador and guest narrator for the Catholic prayer app Hallow when he spoke with Savannah about the Lenten season and the times of fasting that are associated with it.

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