Two-Year-Old Adorably Belts Out the National Anthem

A group at a Varsity Ball game in a Manahawkin, NJ secondary school (Southern Local), got a brilliant shock! Clark Harris, a Cincinnati Bengal, who used to go to the NJ school, left onto the court, holding his kid child’s hand. Little Trent Harris started his delightful interpretation of “The Star-Radiant Flag” close to his dad.

Trent reluctantly starts to sing, murmuring the principal line. He gets somewhat more certain with the subsequent line, and Daddy moves off the court unobtrusively. Trent keeps on singing as the fans listen mindfully.

Trent has gotten the hang of the tune, and you can tell when he belts out the “rocket’s red glare.” The group laughs and he dispatches into the part where the bombs are rushing in the air.

The Hymn is not a simple tune for a little child to sing before a wide crowd, yet he works effectively! He has probably been rehearsing it at home for some time! In addition to the fact that he recollected the words, he didn’t get anxious in front of large audiences by the same token. His folks had probably been however glad as the group seemed to be satisfied.

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