Simon is skeptical of nervous singer Lucie Jones, but her Whitney Houston audition stuns him.

During Lucie Jones’s audition for The X Factor, Simon Cowell has doubts about her ability to perform Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

Simon Cowell Doubts 18 YO's Song Choice — WATCH Her Prove Him Wrong On 'The  X Factor UK'

18-year-old Lucie Jones comes from a small village in Wales with only a few hundred people.

Lucie describes her hometown, saying, “I want to get out, and I want to get out there on the big stage.”

In an interview before Lucie Jones’ X Factor audition, her mother states, “For someone like Lucie, who has her sights set on the bright lights, this could be the way for her to move away and realize her dream.”

On The X Factor, Lucie Jones shines. As she begins to sing “I Will Always Love You,” Lucie appears a little nervous on stage. But then she gains self-assurance and her voice improves. As he watches her blossom on stage, Simon even starts to smile.

Lucie lights up the room with 'I Will Always Love You' | Unforgettable  Audition | The X Factor UK - YouTube

Following Lucie Jones’s audition, the X Factor judges offer her some words of encouragement.

Simon tells Lucie, “This is why we come to Wales,” grinning broadly: one of the world’s most difficult songs to sing. You did not attempt to mimic Whitney Houston; You sang it how you liked. Lucie, I like you. You have a lot of talent. He says, “I like you.”

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