The crowd laughs at the big guy about to swing — but when the music starts…

People had low expectations for John Lindo and Deborah Szekely when they competed in West Coast Swing competitions in the 1990s. All of this is due to the dancer’s impressive height.

However, he and his partner were the fortunate winners of the dance competition! It was one of those days that helped John become the person he is today.

Lindo is enjoyable to watch. He has been dancing for more than two decades, and the country-western style was his starting point. He then, at that point, became inspired by West Coast Swing, where he acquired extraordinary prominence.

The West Coast Swing is a couple’s dance that requires partners to work in perfect harmony. This kind of dance is from the west coast of the United States, as the name suggests. According to the West Coast Swing history, West Coast Swing emerged in its current form in the 1960s as a tribute to Lindy Hop.

Since the video was posted in 2008, another dance performance by Lindo has received nearly nine million views.

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