Nervous teen is the last to audition and breaks down on stage in tears before Simon’s decision.

Regardless of which show he is on, everybody realizes that judge Simon Cowell is the cruelest pundit. He doesn’t hesitate to share his thoughts and opinions with contestants, even if it might hurt their feelings. This, be that as it may, makes him such a decent adjudicator. He never gives praise or compliments that aren’t due, so when he does, you know it’s genuine.

Nervous teen girl is the Final contestant on stage, Simon's words bring her  to tears

Six people competed for Simon’s team in “The X Factor UK’s 6 Chair Challenge.” He had to restrict the talent to just six individuals. Before the tryouts finished, there was just a single challenger left, and he had proactively picked his last six. To make it into the final six, the final contestant would need to perform better than the current finalists.

When Olivia Garcia, a sixteen-year-old, appeared on stage for her audition, she was subjected to this kind of pressure. As she introduced herself, Olivia was clearly nervous, and her voice was shaking. She was determined not to give up, even though she was the last contestant standing. Olivia decided to sing Paloma Confidence’s “Evolving” for her tryout.

As Olivia sang, Simon was his standard doubtful self. Her trembling voice revealed her nervousness, which quickly intensified. About halfway through, Olivia belted out the song even louder, giving the impression of really digging in. As the audience began to cheer, it was clear that the judges were impressed. Simon was aware that he needed to make a tough decision.

Nervous Teen Is The Last To Audition, Falls Apart On Stage In Tears Before  Simon's Judgment – Madly Odd!

The young singer wept when she received a standing ovation from the audience. The judges gave her a lot of praise for her performance. Nicole Scherzinger, the judge, said that Olivia deserved to be in Simon’s final six.

“The present moment, Olivia, you’re going to make my life truly challenging in light of the fact that I need to give you a seat,” Simon said when it was his chance to talk. That was fabulous.”

As Simon looked at his current top six and tried to decide who to cut and who to keep, the audience went wild. The six girls currently on stage were terrified. After much deliberation, Simon gave Olivia Seat #3, and the other five girls felt relieved.

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