Nine women perform catchy line dance to Sugar Sugar..

While line moving is transcendently finished to country music, these women toss the principles out and play out a charming little line dance to this bubblegum pop work of art.

For those who are unaware, line dancing is a choreographed dance in which individuals dance in a particular line or row formation to a repetitive sequence. The dance has been around for more than 60 years.

In addition to dancing at weddings, dance halls, and clubs, Over the past ten years, this type of dancing has taken on a new purpose. As a form of exercise, line dancing is becoming more and more popular.

Older people can be seen line dancing in parks early in the morning in city centers even in the east, as far as Thailan. It’s a fun way to stay fit and good for the brain because it requires you to focus on completing patterns.

One watcher remarked: ‘ It was lovely to watch, especially set to the greatest bubble gum song! Well done to the choreographer and all interested parties!’ This is a definitive video to move individuals to begin line moving for no particular reason or exercise.

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