A baby who is deaf hears his mother’s voice for the first time, but then something happens that makes everyone cry

Recently, a video of a woman and her child having an emotional conversation online appeared. The baby’s reaction to hearing his mother for the first time was seen by nearly 900,000 viewers.

Christina, who struggled with whether or not to upload the footage to social media, is the video’s heroine. In an effort to demonstrate to people how hearing aids might assist treat deafness, she finally found the bravery to share it.

When Christina’s infant son heard his mother’s voice in the video, he was comfortably sleeping in her arms but soon after, his expression changed noticeably. The infant responded to his mother’s voice and was filled with joy when he heard her.

The infant’s ears were fitted with an audio gadget to help him adjust to his new environment. Christina highlights in the video’s title that a hearing aid is not a magic wand that can cure hearing loss right away.

However, the technology allowed her daughter to hear her, which was a big deal for their family.

The spectators were moved to tears by this touching scene. People were made aware by the video that hearing aids are instruments, not cures. Although hearing aids cannot completely restore hearing loss, they do allow users to hear sounds they have never heard before.

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