One of the best mom and son dance ever- now watch the video that conquered the internet by storm

A mother and her child have found a substantially viable technique for treating restlessness, and they spread delight to many many people with it.

When his mother's favorite song began to play, he took her hand in his - now  watch the dance that took the Internet by storm. - BlogNews

When Spear began to walk, his mom Lucy began hitting the dance floor with him, and she undoubtedly managed to impress him.

At the point when Megan Traynor’s child “Dear Spouse” began to play, Spear, who was currently a hitched father of two, was ready to embrace his mom in his arms and begin moving.

When his favorite song started playing, he took his mother's hand in his,  and now you can watch the dance that took the internet by storm. - BlogNews

The remainder of the family was shooting the cute second as the two moved commendably together and Spear’s little girl energized them from the side.

They dance delightfully, however, they likewise have truly engaging looks.

Within minutes of going online, the video was shared by thousands of people and viewed millions of times. 

Watch that wonderful dance in the video below!

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