Simon Thinks Girl Is Crazy For Trying ‘Worst Song Ever’ – Until He Hears First Note

“X Factor UK contestant Gamu Nhengu captures Simon Cowell’s attention and gives fresh life to a song created before she was born.

When asked why she became a singer, Nhengu, who is 18 years old, responds that she wants to be someone and do something that people will remember. She talks with conviction and assurance in front of the four judges and gives the impression of being uneasy.

Nhengu chose the song “Walking on Sunshine.” It is performed by Katrina and the Wave. Katrina and the Waves are best known for a 1985 single, even though they were not a one-hit-wonder band.

Nhengu tells the judges in her introduction that her song has changed some things. Because she doesn’t say what she changed, whether it was a different arrangement or a lyrical change, the judges and audience are naturally curious.

Simon Cowell looks like he skipped breakfast and has an upset stomach, but the other three judges are smiling. Simon responds, “I’m interested to see what you’ve done with this song.” 

Despite her minor modifications, the song’s overall meaning was altered. Instead of the opening line of the original song, which reads, “you’re my sunshine/and don’t it feel wonderful,” Nhengu’s chorus begins with “you’re my sunshine/but you gotta go.”

The melody is about separation given this. Nhengu tells her that she doesn’t want to wait for a romantic partner to come along. From her body language to the sarcastic delivery of her outfit, Nhengu’s commanding performance perfectly reflects her temperament.

Despite Simon’s first comments on the song, he praised Nhengu’s jazzy style. Simon even certifies “1,000,000 percent yes” as Nhengu’s sweetheart enters the stage to salute her overjoyed little girl. 

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