The paparazzi spotted Roberts on vacation. The actress has noticeably gained weight!

The paparazzi surprised Roberts. The actress has put on a lot more weight!

Roberts was taken aback by the paparazzi. The actress has significantly increased her weight!
One of the resorts contained 54-year-old Julia Roberts. Fans of the star did not enjoy the paparazzi photographs. It’s difficult to identify the actress in these photos.

Roberts was spotted by the paparazzi while she was on vacation. The Hollywood actress has significantly increased her weight. The images clearly show the belly of the star.

Under Roberts’ vacation photos, various comments were posted by users. Some people agree that Julia has lost her brilliance and friendliness, while others think she looks gorgeous for her age.

“Let everyone appear like this at 54!” “Julia is gorgeous at any age,” wrote Julia Roberts’ devoted fans.

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