Without her unibrow, Instagram sensation Sofia Hadjipanteli looked like…

Her distinctive appearance made her famous all over the world. At this point, her Instagram blog has approximately 400 thousand followers.

София Хаджипантели продвигает разнообразие красоты (видео) | Европа Кипр


However, few people were aware of her beauty’s appearance before her unibrow fame. Because of the change, Sofia was able to become famous.

Sophia Hadjipanteli is the unibrowed model leading a beauty revolution |  Dazed

Sophia was able to become a household name. However, without her unibrow, she couldn’t have gained so much fame.

Some people started to say that she used to look much better as a result. Others expressed confusion regarding the necessity of diminishing her beauty.

However, a lot of people said strongly that Sofia appeared to suddenly be much more intriguing and appealing.

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