The girl was one of the most beautiful girls when she was a child, and she has grown up to be even more beautiful.

At the age of three, Australian girl Meika Woollard became a successful model.

When she and her mother were out for a walk one day, the manager of a modeling agency saw them and offered to bring the baby to them in the hopes that she would like it.

mieka woodlard

Today, we’ll tell you about the girl’s 15-year transformation, her current appearance, and her activities.

In 2007, she began her career as a model.

Pin on Meika Woollard - 21.4.2004

She began receiving invitations to events, participated in Kids Fashion Week filming, and collaborated with Warner Brothers in 2012.

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The girl’s stunning appearance thrilled everyone in the room. She later made the list of the world’s top 100 most beautiful children.

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She is now working independently as a model. She has also tried her hand at acting, starring in movies like “Superhero” and “Bluff.”

MEIKA WOOLLARD | Iconic Management

She now actively maintains her social media blog, where she has a large audience. After all, it’s impossible to not be impressed by such beauty.

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