Do NOT watch Carol Burnett’s ‘Nudist Colony’ skit and drink liquids at the same time

The scene starts at a lodge entrance, where Roger is helping his better half, Tune, through the two-section entryway. Carol has hidden her eyes now that she knows where they are coming.

Roger announces, “Okay, honey, we’re in the room.” She responds, clearly agitated by their circumstance, “Oh, you’re beautiful.” She had been promised a vacation by Roger; Instead, they went to the nudist colony on business.

Roger tells Carol that he needs to come here for a client, Joe, in an effort to get Carol to stay. Roger had to go to the nudist colony if he wanted to make a business deal because Joe and his wife appear to frequent it on a regular basis.

Carol, of course, doesn’t care about this at all. She wants to go right now and she wants to leave. Nevertheless, the doorbell rings. A person is standing there when Roger opens it. He makes them feel at home in the colony.

The man says that they have a “pretty view” from the cabin; Carol nods her head against the wall and covers her eyes in agreement. The man thanks them for the brief encounter and bids them goodbye.

Carol is shown the bedroom once more by Roger in an effort to persuade her to stay. Sadly, there is a knock at the door as soon as he enters the bedroom to look around.

Carol reluctantly answers the door after Roger shuts the door, leaving her to do so. She only manages to open the top half of the door after accidentally opening the bottom half.

An irritated bellhop is waiting outside and takes their bags through the door. Carol makes an apology and informs him that she only has a few nickels. The man jeers, telling her not to annoy in light of the fact that he doesn’t have anyplace to put them,

Roger and Hymn start contending again once the attendant leaves, however at that point the client, Joe, and his, arm candy spouse, Helga, show up. What will Carol think of this soon-to-be-naked woman’s voluminous curves? A hint for you: not good.

For all the laughs, you’ll need to watch the entire clip, but you really should. It’s well worth it, believe us!

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