How lucky Ryan is! Photo Blake in a bikini and you will not be indifferent

How fortunate Ryan is! Blake Lively took advantage of the pre-Labor Day summer season to release her own hump-day thirst-trap bikini photo. The image shows Blake at the pool in a short-sleeved white top and sleek bottoms that show off her toned core. “Summer lovin’…had me a blast,” she captioned it, jokingly referring to Ryan Reynolds as her husband.

It’s not clear if she did it to get his attention or to thank him for being her photographer. However, Reynolds and Lively have a history of teasing one another on social media, so this may be a continuation of that practice.

On September 9, Lively and Reynolds will mark their tenth wedding anniversary. James, age 7, is the youngest of the couple’s three daughters; Inez, 5; likewise Betty, even though Reynolds and Lively frequently make fun of each other in their captions, Reynolds wrote a particularly sincere (for him) post about the impact Lively has had on him on Mother’s Day the year before.

He began by saying, “It can’t be said enough… you’re the heart and soul of every moment this family shares.” I am thankful for the light and kindness you bring into our lives daily. I see you according to our kids…

Each giggle. every blink and thoughtful vulnerability moment. Being a mother in 2021 requires tender grit, which is an act of pure strength and heroism. I could never have foreseen that sex in an anonymous airport bathroom would lead to this. Or how you would employ Dog the Bounty Hunter to locate me. Whatever the case may be, I am fortunate to share in some of your light. Love, Happy Mother’s Day!

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