A 61-year-old grandmother looks amazing in her white swimsuit – now watch her turn around

However, as you will see in these stunning images, modeling swimwear does not always have to be considered sexually provocative.

These images demonstrate that, as Yasmina Rossi demonstrates, you don’t have to be young to gracefully and beautifully wear a swimsuit.

The lingerie company Land of Women and the online store The Dreslyn collaborated on the images below. Brooke Taylor Corcia, who started The Dreslyn, wanted to show that advertising for swimwear doesn’t have to be sexual and that adult women can also be shown with them.

The Huffington Post reports that Rossi was chosen for the campaign for specific reasons: Corcia stated, “She is a woman who radiates health and vitality.”

She is self-assured, an artist, and takes care of herself. This line is about women who live well, travel frequently, are intelligent, self-assured, and can demonstrate it.”

It’s hard to believe that Yasmina Rossi is 61 years old in these photos. She was born in 1955 in France and grew up on the island of Corsica. She is a model, portrait painter, and photographer who lives in California today. The photos are part of a collaboration between The Dreslyn and Land of Women. The founder of The Dreslyn stated that the idea behind the collection was to find an alternative way to advertise swimwear that kept a distance from the sexual way.

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