Dolly Parton has secretly been funding high school bands for years and never wanted recognition

You either have your head in the sand or haven’t heard of Dolly Parton if you haven’t heard of her numerous charitable endeavors.

In addition to being associated with country music, she is renowned for her generous spirit.

Michael Harriot, a journalist, and author, revealed that she has been covering the costs of instruments, equipment, uniforms, and other items for several black high school bands for several years.

One student said that they were in the secondary school walking band in East Tennessee a long time back, and they played in a walking band that Parton connected.

“One year, we played Sevier County High School, and oh my gosh, that band was dressed in everything: uniforms, instruments, flags, and everything else. Mountains, a lot of poverty. Dolly Parton helped pay for it.

One commentor even claimed to know a fellow funeral director who stated that Parton frequently paid for the funerals of those who were unable to pay for them.
According to Upworthy, Parton has donated to numerous Sevier County schools.

Since 1988, her Buddy Contract program has awarded $1,000 to each seventh- and eighth-grade pair that completes their studies.

The condition of the program is that they stay in school and assist one another with issues that could cause them to drop out.

Students are encouraged to write Parton directly if they encounter issues they are unable to handle.
According to PinkNews, Parton also covers all of the costs associated with attending college, including books and tuition.

Her Imagination Library is a program that provides free books to children.
Parton stepped up and donated more than $12.5 million to 900 needy families during the devastating fires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. She gave $1,000 per month to the families for approximately six months. That has increased to $5,000 in the last month thanks to her foundation.

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