A young man asks his elderly neighbor, who is 89 years old, to move in so he may take care of her… Then…

A strange connection was made between an older woman and a man in his 30s. After they had spent the previous nights chatting and preparing food together, however, a terrible realization struck them.

In 2017, a moving story touched many hearts. When interior designer Norma Cook, who is 89 and lives across the hall from Chris Salvatore, waved back, it all started.

In the end, he invited her to her residence. Salvatore referred to Maria as his best friend and the two of them became friends while holding champagne glasses.

Cook’s tragic diagnosis of leukemia a few years before their friendship led her to choose not to receive treatment, reducing her life expectancy to just two months.

The two tasted champagne and watched the news together over the day. The performer explained why he decided to take over his neighbor’s full-time care:

“I think kindness in people is a magical thing that can heal things that doctors can’t,” she said. Salvatore said he couldn’t let her be taken to a facility. She had a huge grandmother-like influence on him.

The elderly woman’s illness eventually took its toll, and she passed away in February 2017, despite living longer than anticipated. While wiping away his tears, Salvatore said:

“She was a lovely individual. She had an impact on the world thanks to her big heart and ability to connect with people of all ages.”

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