Riley Gaines files $2 Million suit against Lia Thomas: “She took everything from me”

College of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines was as of late addressed by nonconformists when she went to affirm her experience contending with natural male Lia Thomas. From that point forward, Thomas has terminated back, considering Gaines an “entitled Little Rascal.”

Thomas cheated in more ways than one” - Riley Gaines files $2 million  lawsuit against trans swimmer Lia Thomas

Gaines has more class than to answer those individual assaults, so she rather advised her legal counselors to climb the course of events of her approaching claim. Gaines is suing Thomas for $2 million referring to individual agony and enduring and future monetary profits because of misrepresentation.

Thomas answered by presenting a video on TikTok of herself mooning Gaines, showing that her chemical medicines haven’t exactly made up for how much hair around her bunghole. “That works everything out such that a lot more entertaining,” said Thomas.

Maineman on Twitter: "Riley Gaines files $2 Million suit against Lia Thomas:  “She took everything from me”" / Twitter

Gaines got Thomas Bagger as her lawyer and plans to call each swimmer in the pool that day. “Thomas took something other than the race. She took a second I worked for my entire life.”

Riley Gaines vs Lia Thomas: The college competition that became a global  trans rights issue

Thomas answered through her representative, Joe Barron, letting journalists know that she’s truly grieved about that. “Not about the tie,” said Thomas, “That’s what I procured. I’m discussing your defining moment being a fifth spot finish in a solitary occasion at a Public Title. Honey until yesterday, I didn’t have a clue about your name.”

Thomas says she intends to ignore the entire thing while her lawyer has the case excused.

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