14-Year-Old Gets QUICKEST Chair Turn On ‘The Voice’

“Jade De Rijcke, a 14-year-old singer, won the 2018 season of “The Voice Kids Belgium” after impressing the panel of judges.

For both De Rijcke and her coach, Gers Pardoel, this was an impressive victory. Pardoel’s first year as a coach was in 2018. Pardoel beat out several more experienced coaches and sent his protégé to stardom, relying on De Rijcke and his other singers.

Straw House was the title of the single, which was about a close relationship. Because it was De Riecke’s first original song, Straw House was unique. She was accustomed to singing covers. Although she had previously written original songs, this was her first time recording them.

Many viewers may not be aware that De Rijcke did not first appear on “The Voice Kids” in 2018. In 2017, she tried out, but she didn’t get past the blind auditions. Later, De Rijcke stated that her nerves got the better of her and that she was disappointed that her audition did not even get a chance to air on television.

De Rijcke, on the other hand, did not let that experience bring her down; rather, she went back to her training and tried again, which was more successful than she could have imagined. A performer, or anyone else, may need to suffer a setback to put in the effort required to succeed in any chosen endeavor.

One contestant’s performances during their time on the show are shown in the “Road to” videos. It’s a good way to look back and collect all of a performer’s songs in one place. De Rijcke chose to sing Dua Lipa’s “Homesick” during the blind audition.

A slow, melancholy, piano-driven ballad called “Homesick” is about a woman who has been separated from her lover and longs to get back to him despite difficult obstacles and feelings of loneliness. The woman in this song will not give up her search for her lover, just as De Rijcke did as she worked her way steadily toward her objective of winning the competition.

De Rijcke selected Demi Lovato’s “Sober” as the song for the semi-final. This song about Lovato’s problems with alcohol is rather sad. She describes some of the actions she regrets and expresses concern about her inability to stop drinking. Even though singing a song does not imply that one is living the song, De Rijcke’s decision to do so is brave for someone his age. She dealt with it in her usual calm manner.

The American singer Nicki Minaj’s “Grand Piano” was De Rijcke’s final performance on the show. In this song, a woman wonders if her lover has been sincere or faithful throughout the relationship. The singer also spends a lot of time looking at her to see if she has done anything wrong. De Rijcke seems to enjoy writing about difficult relationships.

Jade De Rijcke has won a competition that at one point seemed like it would never be hers, despite the angst and sadness in any of her song choices. This is a moving story, and watching the video helps you see what it takes to become a champion.

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