11-week-old baby girl speaks for the first time

Hold on until you perceive how charming she is as she says her name. Her name is Eela, and at just eleven weeks old, she accomplished this remarkable feat.

When Do Babies Start Talking? A Month-By-Month GuideAs they find the marvels of discourse, infants love to jabber away dangerously fast, uttering a wide range of sounds. Parents must make an effort to comprehend what their children are saying, making sense of frequently jargon-ridden language.

Eela’s young age and the fact that her first words are typically “mommy” or “daddy” make this achievement even more impressive. So Eela isn’t just very keen on a child, however, she is likewise a radical.

Even though babies can start making sounds as early as seven weeks of age, the majority of these sounds are proto-speech or sounds that are close to words but not quite. Examples of these are “da-da” and “ba-ba.”

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