Josh Daniel, an X Factor contestant, makes Simon Cowell cry.

Simon Cowell is more well-known for his harsh criticisms of contestants on X Factor than for expressing his feelings. Cowell, on the other hand, was speechless when it came to the 21-year-old auto mechanic named Josh Daniel. The young fellow’s presentation moved him to tears, as a matter of fact.

X Factor singing hopeful Josh Daniel back in Manchester after making Simon  Cowell cry - Manchester Evening News

Josh plays out Labrinth’s “Envious” and cases to decipher the verses uniquely in contrast to most. He composed the tune in memory of his closest companion, who kicked the bucket a long time back.

Josh Daniel makes Simon Cowell CRY: Watch amazing X Factor performance from  the car mechanic - Mirror Online

Daniel elaborated, “I’m jealous that you’re happy without me.” Furthermore, I see it as in I’m envious that he’s currently cheerful in paradise, that he’s gone to a superior spot, and that I can’t in any case accompany him.”

Take a look at the performance that had the audience on their feet and the judges crying.

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