My wife gave birth to triplets, but soon she left the children My daughter’s words in court 24 years later brought tears to my eyes

I was a young man in love with Kira when we first met 24 years ago. She was my entire world, and I was unable to contemplate life without her. Soon after relocating together, we got married. Although Kira insisted on waiting so we could enjoy our time as a couple, I wished for kids very much. The happy news that Kira was expecting triplets—two boys and a girl—came to us finally. I was so overcome with delight that I lost control of my tears.

However, Kira was gone when I went home after leaving the hospital to get ready for their return. She had abandoned the kids and vanished without a trace. Fortunately, my parents were local when I contacted them, and they arrived in 15 minutes. They expressed happiness that Kira had departed on her own choice and were happy to assist raise their grandchildren.

My kids matured so quickly. They received excellent grades and graduated from school in an instant. My daughter is pursuing a profession in dentistry, while my sons are currently studying to be lawyers and programmers. They have grown into independent individuals who frequently help me financially, and I am incredibly proud of them.

You may have guessed that I never got remarried. At first, I didn’t have time to even consider it, and subsequently, I just stopped wanting it. When I answered the door after hearing a knock a year ago, Kira was there, looking at least 40 years older than she actually was. After extending an invitation and providing cookies and tea, I started to regret ever opening the door after 15 minutes. At first, Kira claimed she was sorry for her error and wished to apologise to me and the kids. However, she then revealed that she was homeless and needed my assistance.

Later, she wanted money from me and asked for a monthly percentage of my pay, but I’m not sure for what. If she merely sees my kids as a way to get money, I asked her to leave and gave her the runaround. She filed a lawsuit against me, but it was obvious that she would lose. She said, “You know, Kira, I always envied my friends when they talked about sharing secrets with their moms, borrowing their clothes, or using their cosmetics,” when my daughter first saw her. I’ve always wanted a mature buddy in the family and to feel a mother’s affection. But now that I’ve seen what you’ve turned into, I can firmly state that, given the chance, I’d choose to live my life without you once more. I haven’t spent a day with you.

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