“The result exceeds all expectations”: A man in a wheelchair has built his dream house.

Vyacheslav Minchanin converted an abandoned store into a lovely and cozy home despite the fact that he was born without legs and can only move about in a wheelchair or with prosthesis. He was a native of Minsk and had always desired a rural lifestyle. He had the chance to buy a historic structure in the Kotyagi village in 2011.

Vyacheslav had initially intended to use it for a small production, but his business didn’t succeed. Since he didn’t already have a home, he made the decision to convert it. The procedures and building purchase were completed over the course of two arduous years. He was able to purchase it for $10,000 after the government placed it up for auction.

For the more demanding labor, Vyacheslav required the assistance of qualified builders because he was unable to perform several tasks while using a wheelchair.

He was anxious to get the house finished so that his son could enroll in the neighborhood school. When the house was finished and ready, Vyacheslav and his family moved in. He spent less on repairs than he had intended to, which increased the cost. He didn’t give up, though, and he began to work while studying YouTube videos.

Vyacheslav and his wife are happy with their new home despite the fact that the renovations are still in progress, and they have plans to increase its size by adding a patio in the future.
He enjoys doing everything himself and is relieved that he doesn’t have to sit around all day.

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