This sweet little baby was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his face: Look at how it looks 6 years later.

In this endearing tale, a youngster is born with a distinctive mark that signifies his blessing from love. His father attempted to wipe it off on his birthday without even realizing it was a birthmark because he assumed it was simply dirt.

Everyone at the hospital was taken aback by the young boy’s distinctive mark. He is now six years old, and his name is Chinar. Everyone now adores and adores this gorgeous youngster.

His birthmark, a heart, has gotten larger over time. People in the region now want to snap pictures with him when they see him.


Doctors predicted when he was born that the birthmark would disappear by the time he turned six. Even though he is now six years old, the mark still follows him and makes him appear particularly adorable and unique.

Additionally, he, his family, and even his closest friends cannot image him without that lovely heart on his forehead. It seems like a representation of him and an element of his warm presence.

Chinar is also a kind and loving boy, a young guy with integrity and decent manners. He is an inspiration to his classmates and family. He always lends a helping hand to other kids and hopes for a nice and fair world for all.

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