A 20-year-old student left everything behind and took on the responsibility of raising seven children alone.

At the age of twenty, most people want to spend as much time as possible hanging out with friends, having fun, relaxing, and making new acquaintances. However, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to enjoy their youth to the fullest.

In Christina’s case, fate had a different plan for her. Within two years, she lost both of her parents, leaving her as the eldest in a family of eight children, with the youngest being only four years old.

During the mother’s funeral, social services became involved and considered separating all the children and placing them in orphanages. This prospect broke Christina’s heart, and she couldn’t bear the thought of them being apart and wondered where she would find them all.

After some reflection, Christina bravely declared that she would be the guardian of her siblings and would do everything to ensure they grow up together. Luckily, local authorities supported her, and the guardianship service gave the family six months to prove they could live fully under Christina’s care as the eldest sister.

Christina had to leave university and start working at home in the countryside. She took care of the household chores, milking cows, and picking up the children from the garden and school. When the children weren’t at home, she cooked, cleaned, and did the laundry.

Six months later, social services visited them again and saw that the family was doing well. Everyone was clean, dressed, fed, and the house was in order. Christina had organized the children, and each had their tasks. The boys would feed the livestock, and the girls helped in the kitchen and with other household chores.

Despite some inconveniences, such as having to fetch water from a source several kilometers away, the local authorities brought water to their home, making it feel like a real holiday for the family. Christina’s determination and love for her siblings were truly admirable and heartwarming.

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