This woman’s husband left her because she had no legs, and she raised them alone. What do this woman’s children look like today?

The mother of the daughters, Sonia Salinas Fierros, was carrying conjoined twins and was rendered comatose for a sizable amount of time. She made less regular trips to the doctor because her pregnancy was stable. Sonia opted to see a doctor after being ill in the spring of 2005.

She then learned the unexpected fact that her future girls will be related to one another when they were born. To consult a doctor about the viability of separating the daughters, Sonia and her husband Federico decided to temporarily relocate from Mexico to the United States. Unfortunately, they were unable to leave the country before the baby was born.

Renata and Regina, twins born on August 2, 2005, caught the attention of medical professionals. They were found to share numerous organs, making the process of separating them quite challenging. But experts at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles started making plans for the separation, which took almost ten months.

A group of 80 experts toiled assiduously for 22 hours on June 14, 2006, to successfully separate Renata and Regina. Sonia and Federico awaited the outcome during the surgery. Fortunately, it was a success, and the next night the girls each slept in their own bed instead of sharing one.

Following the successful separation of the conjoined twins from Mexico, Regina and Renata received widespread media attention. The girls’ parents made the decision to live a humble and peaceful life in spite of their sudden renown, turning down many offers to appear on television programs.

The twins, who are turning 18 soon, live with their parents in Mexico and are pursuing higher education. Renata, who is pictured in a red dress, has minor back issues that limit her movement. She is receiving medical care, though, that should help her regain her full health.

Renata and Regina are now living happy lives because to the amazing work of the physicians and the undying love of their parents. Many others are inspired by their adventure.

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